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"I share the Ayurvedic view of health, that physical, emotional and spiritual well-being needs to be balanced in order to maintain health and happiness."

Janet Nethercott-Cable – Holistic Therapist IIHHT.Dip (MICHT)

Energy Healing

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There is more to us than our structural, physical and biochemical body. We are electromagnetic, vibrational and sensory beings too. Energy Healing is a vibrational therapy, working with the natural vibration of our body and the Human energy field.

We continually feel and interact with our environment on an energetic level. Living in a ‘vibrational soup’. Have you ever noticed how sometimes after interacting with someone we can feel drained and unwell or after spending time on the computer feel unbalanced or generally ‘out of sorts’ but can’t quite put our finger on it? After trauma, accident or operations we can sometimes feel ‘out of whack’.

Energy healing taps into the energetic cocoon which surrounds our physical body. Accessing the auric field and chakra system I use energetic and vibrational tools such as: Crystals, Flower Essences, Power animal visualisation. Sound frequencies are introduced using Singing bowls with the Tibetan energy symbol, Music, Voice, Drum and Rattle.

Typically you will lie comfortably on a massage couch covered in a blanket. No activity is required from you apart from a simple guided breathing technique. Using dowsing rods and a pendulum I will map out your energy field and determine the sequence and combination of vibrational tools required.

Each of the singing bowls I use are attuned to each of the chakras and create an endless flow of soothing sound and rhythmic movement over the whole body. The circular infinity movement created, whilst using the sound bowl, helps us to connect with the oneness and unity within ourselves. When balanced, our internal landscape gives us a sense of wholeness and completeness. Clients often mention how relaxed they feel and how they can feel energy changes and sensations within their body whilst the therapy takes place. Many report a sense of wholeness and completeness.

This therapy isn’t suitable for children under 7 years old, pregnant or frail elderly people.

It is important to allow some quiet rest time at home straight after your Energy Healing session to maximise the benefits.

1 hour treatment £45 or £50 including a bottled blend of flower essences to take home.

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